Our yoga teacher Quentin also practices Thai massage, an ancient and traditional Asian therapy combining acupressure and assisted yoga positions.


Traditional Thai massage does not use oils or lotions.
It is practised on the ground on a firm mat, with the participant wearing loose and comfortable clothing. During the session there is constant bodily contact between the masseur and the recipient, whose body is compressed, pulled, stretched and vibrated.
The recipient remains passive during the session designed to release tension, reduce stress, tone muscles and improve flexibility.
The whole experience lasts 90 minutes.
Massages are offered in the Yoga studio in the Grange, or upon request can be held outdoors in the grounds.
These sessions do not in any way constitute a medical or para-medical procedure, and are undertaken at your own risk.
Your booking request and desired time will be confirmed via email depending on availability. Payments can be made in cash directly to Quentin, or added to the bill for your stay.
Any cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the session, otherwise you will be charged for the session.


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