To recharge your batteries, open your body to nature’s energy, or simply to pamper yourself, why not join one of our yoga workshops?
Group lessons of Hatha and Vinyasa, Mondays and Fridays at 11.00 am in the little room in the barn or in the open air.


Yoga : Reconnexion avec Soi

Workshops and retreats

In summer we propose Yoga workshops and retreats. A few hours or a few days of relaxation and training to learn and share the benefits of the Zen attitude.

Sessions of restorative and pranayama yoga, lessons in healthy cooking and diet menus for all, in modular workshops that combine yoga with healthy living and a friendly atmosphere you will always find at the Domaine de Labarthe.

On the programme for 2021  deux stages prévus fin mai et fin août.  (voir nos actualités )



What could be better after an active day than a relaxing massage, focussing on stretching muscles and releasing tension? At the Domaine de Labarthe we offer massages by qualified specialists who cater to your individual needs with specific protocols. Massages take place in our dedicated well-being centre.

Tui Na massage:

A massage for well-being and relaxation.
The qualified relaxation therapist (Cerfpa and Ling Dao institute) massages according to the traditional Chinese medicine principles of balance and harmony.
It helps to release toxins and tense or blocked muscles and allows you to let go completely.


Thai massage:

This ‘tranquil yoga’ requires a mat and comfortable clothing. The masseur uses pressure of hands, forearms and feet, and also stretching, along the 10 main energy lines.

A Thai massage helps to relax all the parts of the body and procures mental well-being too.

Pour des nuits douces et étoilées,


The guest rooms at Labarthe overlook the grounds. They are light and so quiet that the only thing that might wake you is the birdsong. The old thick walls of Quercy stone keep the rooms peaceful and cool in summer.
All the rooms, three of which are on the ground floor, have been recently renovated and each has its own toilet and bathroom. They have antique furniture, soft colours and contemporary details, to give an overall feeling of comfort and sophistication.
The bedding is excellent, beds are made in the traditional manner with fine cotton sheets and light or thick woollen blankets depending on the season.

Indépendance et services


Of the original 17th century estate, some magnificent outbuildings have survived the years.Once used for farming and wine producing, they are now restored and transformed into comfortable, independent gites.

They can be rented for a few days or by the week.